This info applies to all types of websites and not just eCommerce ones.

When’s the best time to show a popup to your clients (if ever)?

First of all, we all hate pops. There’s no getting around that fact. However, when introduced correctly they work really well and for most websites these days, it’s a must!

The idea that your potential client will love your content so much, that they will tweet it, Facebook/Instagram share it and leave a lovely comment commending you on your fantastic work is a little deluded and not that realistic.

So what works?

The answer is, they all work depending on your niche and the type of industry you are in.

Here’s what I found works:

The Content Upgrade – This bad boy is the best-converting popup we have tested without pis*ing off potential clients.

Ok, how does it work?

backlinko content upgrade

As you can see from the image above, Brian Dean aka Backlinko is using this technique.

If you like the content he has written, you can download additional resources (in this case a step by step checklist) by clicking on the “Download” hyperlink.

Whatever type of content you are showing on your page, you link out to an additional resource (a brilliant piece that you have created ) within the text of your description/article. A hyperlink linked to a popup asking for their email.

backlinko content upgrade popup

As you can see from the image above. As soon as you click the “Download” link you receive a popup asking for your email address.

Can you see how this works?

Instead of receiving an annoying popup as soon as you land on a page or when you leave, you are in full control of when you see this popup. Additionally, the content is totally relevant to the content you are reading.

There are various different apps that can help you do this.

If your store is based on Shopify, then I would recommend using a combination of Privy and Klaviyo Shopify apps.

My advice > Do this on an article or resource page (this could even be a PDF of the same article)

Note: For eCommerce – DO NOT do this on a product page.


Photo by Andre Hunter

To Popup or Not To Popup? That's The Question
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To Popup or Not To Popup? That's The Question
This article explains why using the content upgrade as a popup is the best popup strategy for eCommerce websites.
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