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Understanding The Customer Journey is Key For eCommerce Stores No Matter What The Size or Niche

Understanding the customer journey is 🔑 for eCommerce stores no matter what the size or niche.


Customer eCommerce JourneyDiscovery >> Research >> Ordering >> Delivery >> After-Sales


Now, each of the elements above is important, but where so many people go wrong is focusing on the "ordering" section instead of giving each one the same level of importance.

No matter where your client is on their journey, there needs to be a positive call to action at every step.

Discovery & Research

The goal here right off the bat is to collect email addresses (we've heard that a thousand times, right?).

We all know that conversion rates totally suck in our industry.

If you are getting above 1.5%, my hat goes off to you. However, in reality, the vast majority of eCommerce stores have conversion rates around this sort of level.

You may think that they will absolutely love your store. The truth is, the research stage is about them visiting multiple websites and at some point, they all merge into one.


Equally, this is an important part of the funnel. The previous steps allowed us to further educate the client, this step allows you to confirm and update them on delivery and further support.

This part will cut down customer service queries when communicated to properly!

Most eCommerce stop communicating with their client as soon as the item is delivered (crossing their fingers and toes that there won't be any issues). But, this is totally the wrong way to think about it.

The more touchpoints you have with your clients the better. In essence, you want them to remember you and your brand, recommend you to others and share your content on social media.

Delivery & Aftersales

This section allows another touchpoint with the client to ask for feedback, referrals and testimonials.

I touched on this previously, but I can't specify this enough. The journey between you and your client has just begun. Good things will happen if you just make the effort to stay in touch.


Treat all parts of the funnel EQUALLY!

The best eCommerce platform to help you with this is Klaviyo email software. This is a specialist email marketing software that will help you optimise your sales funnel at every level.

That would be my recommendation. However, no matter which email software you finally opt for, just ensure have one in place.


Image Credit: Austin Distel@austindistel